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have several versions of canon in d major, also known as pachelbel's canon (by johann pachelbel 1653-1706).  the canon in d major is one of my favorites.

        amazon affiliate cashback  - i like them all, this one slightly more than the rest.

        amazon affiliate cashback  - slower, but has power.

        amazon affiliate cashback  - probably the closest to the original.

        amazon affiliate cashback  - piano, quick.

        amazon affiliate cashback  - interesting, i like it for a non-traditional version.  try it, it's surprising.

        amazon affiliate cashback  - lots of strings - quicker than most.

        amazon affiliate cashback  - mostly winds.

        amazon affiliate cashback  - mostly winds.

        jazcanon  - interesting.

        pcanon2  - slow, simple.

some ludwig van beethoven

        beethoven's fur elise  - fur elise

        symphony5 beginning  - this is good, but the beginning has musical warm-up which i will try to remove.

        beethoven sym 5 first movement  - the whole first movement (6.22 minutes).


        william tell overture  - piano.  gioacchino rossini (1829)

        1812 overture  - just wish it had the canon's going off in it.

        atrium  - only ten seconds long.

        ride of the valkyries  - richard wagner (pronounced ricard vagner).

        symphony  - do not know the origin.

        waltz  - do not know the origin.